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SivaRuban and Smiles Photography

Smiles Photography captures the most precious moments in your life. Whether it’s an engagement session, a family portrait or a special event, photographer SivaRuban Sivalingam likes to help you make memories, so that you can look back at the photo in 10 years and remember exactly how you felt.

SivaRuban has always had an interest for the arts and photography, but when his first daughter was born, his interest grew. After snapping countless photos of the baby with his new DSLR, he realized there was a lot more to learn than just the automatic settings on the camera. He enrolled in the two-year photography program at Algonquin College in Ottawa where his hobby soon turned into a passion.

SivaRuban started getting lots of positive feedback on his photos, and that’s Smiles Photography was thought up. With the support of his wife, SivaRuban set-up a basement studio where clients come to get their portraits taken. He also travels to events from Ottawa to Toronto and anywhere in between to take photos.

When he’s not behind the lens or editing photos, SivaRuban loves spending time with his wife and two daughters. He also likes to write in his native language of Tamil so he can stay connected to his roots.



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